Navigating Our Application System

Before you begin, you may find it helpful to review the information needed within each channel of support.

Creating an Account:

  • The first time you apply online, you will be prompted to create an account.
  • Create only ONE account (email address and password) to be shared by all staff members in your organization. We recommend using a general email address so that the account login will not be affected if one individual leaves the organization.
  • Passwords should contain 5-25 characters.
  • Make sure all appropriate staff members have access to this login information.
  • Your "My Account" page will contain your in-progress and submitted applications, as well as any required reports or follow-up requests.

We recognize that completing similar information requests repeatedly can be time consuming for nonprofits. While each funder has its own application, many funders use the same core fields of information such as organizational data, contact information, etc. offers a tool called Simplify that allows nonprofits to keep this core data in one place and add the information to all of our application forms. To allow for this easy transfer of information, please visit Guidestar to ensure that your organization’s nonprofit profile is completed.

Note: To allow the transfer of information from Guidestar, when entering the organization’s tax ID at the beginning of the application, be sure to use this format: XX-XXXXXXX

Tips for Applying:

  • Be sure cookies are enabled on your internet browser.
  • You will be required to upload or attach documents to your computer before you can browse and upload them to your application.
  • The application has a spell check option for narrative fields.
  • Verify that the information is correct before you click the “submit” button. Once you have submitted your application, there are limited opportunities to make changes or add attachments.

Mutual of Omaha and the Mutual of Omaha Foundation use the BlackBaud Grantmaking© software for online applications. You are not able to work in more than one application that uses this software at the same time, even if the applications are for different granting entities; the software will only save one application form if you have multiple forms open. You can save responses in a Word document and cut and paste it into your application from that document. You will know you are in a Blackbaud Grantmaking© application when the web address begins with Please log out of any other Blackbaud applications prior to beginning or editing an application.