What We

We view our funding as an investment. As a savvy investor, we have a strategy – and we do our research.

We make investment decisions with our mission – break the cycle of poverty – in mind. Through our research, we believe the best way to accomplish our mission is by investing in programs and organizations that demonstrate impact within four desired outcomes. We give funding priority to organizations and programs that address critical issues related to our desired outcomes.

We believe by investing in programs that demonstrate success in these outcome areas, we will make progress toward ending the poverty cycle. The following illustration shows outcomes we want to see from our grant applicants and the types of programs we give funding priority.

We only fund organizations that have outcome measures in place and that can adequately show the impact in our grant application. We expect all applicants to read and understand our outcomes philosophy.

We also place emphasis in our consideration on collaboration. We believe that no agency or organization alone can solve the issue of poverty. Our research has shown us that the most impactful organizations work with other organizations or agencies that serve similar clients. Applicants should be making efforts to collaborate whenever possible.