Program Support
What You Need to Apply

Getting Started:

We recognize that filling out the same information over and over again can be time consuming for nonprofits. While each funder has their own application, many funders utilize the same core fields of information such as organization data, contact information, board list, etc. We are pleased to share that we now utilize a tool through called Simplify. Simplify is a tool that allows nonprofits to keep this core data in one place and it automatically adds the information to grant applications for funders using this tool. To allow for this easy transfer of information, please visit Guidestar to ensure that your organization's nonprofit profile is completed. This allows grantmakers to get quality, real-time data and saves time for nonprofits.

Categories/Fields of Information required on application:

  1. 1. Organization & Contact Information
  2. 2. Request
    • Amount
    • Description of what funds are being requested to support
    • Problem statement – why does the program exist? What problem(s) are being solved?
    • Low-to-Moderate Income information
    • List of organizations offering a similar program or service
    • List of any collaborations and what that collaboration entails
    • Sustainability – beyond “we will fundraise”, explain how the organization plans to sustain this program or organization
  3. 3. Financial Information
  4. 4. Endowment Information
  5. 5. Attachments Required:
    • Organizational Budget
    • Prior Year Budget with Budget vs. Actual information
    • Current FY Balance Sheet with Budget vs. Actual information
    • Strategic Plan
    • Executive Director’s Biography
    • Board List
    • Guild List (if applicable)
    • Project Budget
    • Development Plan
    • Logic Model for 2 Outcomes (or a document that outlines outcomes structure)
    • Most Recent Audit
    • Endowment Policy (if applicable)