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Our foundation’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty. We believe there are critical areas that need positive change in order for our mission to be fulfilled. We require grant applicants to demonstrate how they are creating this change through outcomes measurement. In addition, we have specific requirements for what we will and will not fund. We explain these requirements in great detail throughout our website.

Before you apply, we expect that you have read and understand: What We Fund, What We Don’t Fund and Outcomes. We value your time – and this information will help you determine whether you even qualify for funding from the Mutual of Omaha Foundation before you invest the time to complete our grant application.

If your program or organization meets our criteria and you have outcomes measures in place that show impact on our desired outcomes, we invite you to apply.

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We may decline incomplete grant requests. The following information will help you complete your application:
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We accept applications year-round.
For review in January: Submit August 16-November 15
For review in April: Submit November 16-February 15
For review in July: Submit February 16-May 15
For review in October: Submit May 16-August 17